Fees and Terms

Fee Schedule:

Quite often the first few sessions take 90 minutes each.  After that the sessions typically feel complete after 60 minutes each.

Once a client commits to a body of work with Coach Basin, they typically prepay for a block of sessions.  This affords a significant price break. Such a commitment also ensures that you understand that it is hard work to change habits of thinking and acting, that you are committed to making a concentrated effort and you understand that repeated practice takes time. Most ongoing clients tend to schedule their sessions either every week or every other week. I recommend that sessions not be spaced farther apart than three weeks so as to maintain a visceral sense of momentum and specific progress.

Standard scheduled sessions are $125 for a 60 minute hour, or $175 for 90 minutes.  These rates can be discounted through pre-paid discounted packages:

“Six Session Package (7 hours)”:

Two  90 minute sessions

Four additional 60 minute sessions

If billed at standard fee cost: $850  Package discount: $300 savings

“Six Session Package” cost: $550

“Four Session Package”:

Four 60 minute sessions

If billed at standard fee cost: $500  Package discount: $100 savings

“Four Session Package” cost: $400

Sessions, Communication and Billing

You and I will agree upon the venue for each of our coaching sessions. They may be in person, by phone, or video-conference such as Skype.

We will both show up prepared for the session: focused and ready to engage.  This is not the time to catch up on missed meals or be distracted by other business.  You will show up ready to report on the status of your homework.  I will take written notes for my reference during sessions.

I will keep confidential anything that you share with me in our session.  Unlike family therapists, teachers or police officers, I am not professionally obligated to report suspected crimes to authorities.  The truth of your entire life experience is safe with me. I request that you keep the content of any of my personal disclosures in confidence as well.  Sometimes we might go to vulnerable places in our mutual empathizing, and we both need to feel safe.

Our sessions will start on time, whether you are in attendance or not, and end at the designated time (unless we mutually renegotiate the session ending time.)

You will be billed for sessions that we schedule, even if you miss them or start late. With at least 48 hours notice, we can reschedule your session.  If you attempt to reschedule a session with less than 48 hours notice, it will be considered a missed session. Please remember that not completing your homework assignments is not a reason to reschedule. If assignments are not complete, we nonetheless work together during your scheduled session to overcome obstacles and establish next steps.

I welcome communication between our sessions.  My first choices are by email: <basinh (at) mac.com> or by text at: (707) 489-3345. I expect you to reach out if you need support or feedback.  I invite you to crow about any successes that feel empowering to you.  That would feel affirming for both of us! If you need a person-to-person call you can call the text number. I can usually get back to you within a day (unless I am visiting a location without cell service). If you call me and leave a message, please let me know whether you would like a call back or are just sharing your progress.  I do not bill for calls with ongoing clients that complete in 10 minutes or less. Calls that run longer than 10 minutes will be billed at standard rates in 10 minute blocks.

If you’ve purchased a package and find yourself unable to use your sessions for any reason, you may put the remaining sessions on a 3-month hold. Session credits will not be carried out further than that 3-month hiatus, however. Coaching fees are non-refundable should you decide to quit your process before completing your pre-paid package.

Any session that we mutually agree to extend will be prorated at this standard rate in 10 minute time blocks.