There are many ways in which you are thriving.  Congratulations!

Yet you have outgrown some parts of your life, and they no longer fit you.

That gnawing sense of wanting a change shows you where your old life needs to upgrade to a new version of yourself. Are you now motivated to stretch beyond the old familiar and become more fully alive?

Thank goodness for that call to action!

Vitality Coaching helps you arrive at a more satisfying life for yourself.

“Basin coached us for a half a year before we got married.  We went to him for support on writing our wedding vows, and what we got was an exploration of our relationship highlights as well as some shadows that we never looked at before.  His presence gave us the courage to see the scary stuff in one another, and to more fully love each other.  When our wedding day came, our lives were more fully married together than if we had tried to do it without him…and our wedding vows rocked!  Thanks, Coach!”                             – Cassandra H. 

 “Thank you for the way you communicated your love and acceptance of me through your eyes, your touch, and your heart.  You have given me the space to finally be me.”               –Dora S.