About Coach Basin

Coach Basin

“Coach Basin’s presence in my life as a mentor and coach is a true gift.  He serves as an inspiring role model for living life with skill, grace, and above all, love.  His thoughtful guidance facilitates a clear awareness pointing the way forward.  Basin’s non-judgmental compassion and encouragement empowers me to live with optimism and direction.”              –Jeff M. (available as a reference)

As your Coach, I can shine a light on your personal practice of self-care. Then you can see for yourself where your life is whole and functioning well, and where you have unmet needs that require your focused attention.

As your Coach, I can help you identify any missing skills or tools or information that you might need.  I can provide you with drills and structures for you to practice improving your well-being.

As your Coach, I can be your supportive cheerleader for your success, as well as your demanding taskmaster for your accountability.  We become a team…oriented toward your greatest vitality.

As your Coach, I can help you create a more satisfying life.

What only YOU can do is to care enough about yourself to actually take action and improve your situation. Fortunately, a first step is simple: CLICK HERE to set up a free initial consultation with Coach Basin.

“Basin has supported me as my coach for many years on different projects. One of my first thoughts is that he is very kind with me…but he always tells me straight if I start to lose focus. I guess you could say he is compassionately demanding.” 

 –Timothy G.

Who is Coach Basin?

Lots of folks just call me “Coach,” and I like the title.  It fits.  I’d love to hear you call me Coach as well.

Coaching is in my nature, and the expression of my own life passion.  More times than I can count I’ve been told, “I am more honest with you than I have ever been with anybody else in my entire life…including myself.”

One of my natural graces is the ability to receive another person with unconditional love and acceptance. That security of attachment creates a healing context in which you can come to accept your own shortcomings and shame…which is the necessary first step for finally engaging your limitations and improving your life.  Let’s BOTH love who you are, and together move toward who you might become.

“I’ve asked Coach Basin for help with my problems on many occasions.  He  looks and listens with an open mind and a clarity that is astounding.  After talking with me about the challenges, he suggests solutions that address the fundamental issues while remaining adaptable to changing conditions.”  –James B. 

I have been coaching professionals in my executive capacity for over 30 years, and doing both personal and sports coaching for much of that time as well. I combine the insights of many wisdom traditions into a polyglot of modalities that customize to your specific needs.

For twenty years I ran a non-profit environmental education center connecting young people to our only planet by teaching about food and nutrition, raising over $5 million in funds to support the organization.

As an entrepreneur I have run a number of successful businesses and consulted on numerous Boards and Commissions, developing real life experience with operations management, marketing, administration and strategic planning.

I have worked in local government as well, serving as a Planning Commissioner for Marin County  for eight years (including two years as the Chairperson.)  In 2002 I was named California County Planning Commissioner of the Year for my innovations and advocacy bringing together the common interests of the environmental community with ranchers and farmers.

I have been associated with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) for nearly thirty years. As an intern serving on team I have been trained to present at community nights and lead public Mini Workshops.

I have lived for over 30 years in several intentional communities.  I have grown our own food and worked with many hundreds of people, and have a profound respect for our individual differences and the power of our passions.

I love grappling with ideas and personal challenges. As evidence of that temperament, I am a black belt in Judo, and was a state finalist in high school wrestling. As an adult I coached high school wrestling for 9 years.  If I can get teenage boys to exceed their own expectations, I have a few skills that can help you get off your ass as well!

One of my favorite forms of exercise is dance!  You can regularly find me at Conscious Dance venues as well as Contact Improvisation. I have DJ’d over 185 dances throughout northern California. I teach classes and workshops that combine the exuberant intensity of wrestling with the joyous cooperation of partner dance.  One is called “Rowdy and Tender Partner Dancing” and another is called “Ferocious Intimacy.”

My four children are now fledged into their own adult lives as thriving and loving human beings.  My role as nurturing parent was for 31 years the central identity of my existence, and these four beings continue to inhabit the core of my heart.  Understanding the developmental needs of our human potential, and how it can get either thwarted or encouraged, is an essential part of my coaching practice.

My deep joy is to watch humans grow…myself, others, you!  To me that beauty is like watching a flower opening to the warmth of the sun.  I can help you strengthen your roots so that you can drink up the nourishment surrounding you.  You can flourish.

Are you ready to thrive? If so, you must take action. Do you want my help?

CLICK HERE to set up a free consultation with Coach Basin.

“Coach Basin is vigorous and gentle, he’s pushy in the best possible way…he’s right there with you all the time.”–Geoffrey G.