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Securely Connected

A Workshop: Finding and Keeping Love in Your Life

Note: the workshop originally scheduled for May 11th, 2013 has been canceled.  At this point there is no future date scheduled for this event.

This workshop contains practical, relevant information that will empower you to make better decisions about your love life.

Much of what our culture tells us about the need to be independent, strong and self-sufficient in order to have a lasting love has been shown to be wrong by research in the psychological field of Adult Attachment Theory.

The human brain has biological mechanisms that create and regulate our connection with others. This workshop explains what science knows about the animal nature of love, including how your hormones marinate your brain with bonding chemicals, the biochemistry of how love begins and ends, and how your upbringing organizes what you are able to see and hear from your intimate partner.

In addition to this theoretical presentation, you will do practical exercises as well.  You will assess your own attachment style, and assess the style of a recent significant partner.  Other exercises allow you to more fully explore and understand your own preferred love style and love languages, and you will have demonstrations to better understand how other styles fit with your own.  This self-awareness expands your ability to inhabit your relationships with more choice and greater satisfaction.

This workshop is entirely appropriate for both singles seeking relationship as well as established couples deepening on their relationship.

Workshop fee is a sliding scale of $75-$40.  The workshop is valued at $75, but if that fee prohibits you from attending then pay what works for you. Work trade arrangements are also possible for further fee reduction.  These fee accommodations are so that everyone who wants to attend may do so.

“The information was well researched, well organized, and well presented. Tying it into our personal relationship experiences and tendencies made an otherwise theoretical presentation of scientific research pertinent to better understanding my own life. Overall, it was valuable to me, as well as to useful in exploring deeper into my relationships.” Linda K.

“The presentation was particularly effective and well organized.  From establishing a foundation of a theoretical framework that led to the exercises and worksheet that applied directly to myself and my romantic partner.  If anything, I wish the workshop were longer so we that could go even more into depth on these intriguing topics.” –Sean P.

“The subject matter fascinated me, and your animated presentation held my attention.  I especially liked all of your examples of behaviors/ structures/ patterns to illustrate the larger principles.”  –Alicia H.