Vitality Coaching

What do you want in your life?

More passion? Less anxiety? Deeper love? Greater vitality? To be leaner and fitter? To wake up enthusiastic about the prospect of whatever wonders this day may offer? These are your birthrights…you are hard-wired to move toward your optimal expression of vitality.

But reality is messy.  Shit happens.  We get hurt.  We get stuck.  Sometimes we need a helping hand to lift us back up.  But you know what? Humans are social animals. Another part of our genetic programming is to reach out and help one another, and to receive that help.  We are hard-wired to benefit from the loving attention of others, and to pick ourselves up and carry on with greater strength and resolve.

Coach Basin brings to the relationship field that you will create with him a unique blend of skills and tools, an intuitive respect for who you are, an unconditionally loving presence in your life, and his relentless enthusiasm for your well-being.  He becomes your creative playmate and firm mentor, cheering your successes and demanding your highest efforts.

“Basin is an evolved soul who brings stellar presence, insight and practical wisdom to all he encounters.  He is a natural teacher, sage, counselor who has helped me to move beyond beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me.”  –Clara V

What is Coaching?

Coaches have many stripes, and many titles.  Tennis players have coaches to develop their serve and improve their footwork across the court.  Musicians have teachers that begin teaching scales and then work on expressiveness.  Executives have mentors that offer constructive criticism and frame potential solutions.  What all of these coaching arrangements have in common is that with a coach you will go farther along your path than you could possibly realize on your own.  In the company of a coach you are no longer picking your way through a confusing life all alone. You become a member of a team that exists for the expressed purpose of serving your best interests.  With a coach you have both a cheerleader who enthuses about your competence as well as a taskmaster who refuses to let you settle for less than your potential.

 What is Vitality Coaching?

Vitality Coaching rests upon several premises. One is that as humans we are all pre-programmed for life-long learning.  No matter how competent we might be, however fulfilled emotionally, socially, professionally, physically and creatively we might have become, we continue to grow and change.  Our internal disposition matures with age.  The circumstances in which we find ourselves change. Our relationships, even those we have with the same people, change.  We find ourselves in a new world both internally and externally in which our old ways of doing things no longer serve our current needs.  We must adapt, move and evolve or else we begin to atrophy, deny, and begin to die an accumulation of little deaths.  Vitality Coaching is visceral support for your conscious evolution.

Another premise is that we create our world by the stories we tell ourselves.  Our brain is a parliament of competing voices all shouting at one another in dark pre-conscious chambers until finally a narrative emerges into the light of our awareness.  Which voices within us get recognized, and which stories get passed along, is largely a matter of habit and personal history.  Each of us develop dominant story lines and patterns of reacting to circumstances which may no longer be in our best interests. Vitality Coaching supports your constructive world views and provides you with practices to overcome your limiting beliefs.

Finally, our contentment with our life is most significantly determined by the people with whom we interact and the love that resonates between us.  One rough acknowledgement of this is the expression, “you are the average of the five people closest to you.”  Our brains are wired to resonate with one another.  Our physiology regulates itself to those around us.  Our world view is revised by the people we let in closest to our hearts.  This is what makes Vitality Coaching so effective. When you make the conscious choice to let me in deep enough to witness your life patterns, I can empathetically resonate with your experiences. This allows me to scout around in your hidden places and learn your interior terrain. With your diligent practice and my encouragement and prodding, you have the support you need so that you can blaze a new way of going in the world…a personal path that is stronger, clearer, more relaxed, and balanced.

Vitality Coaching works with people who have many aspects of their life well managed, yet who continue to yearn for something that keeps feeling just out of reach.  You can’t get to new places in your life by continuing the same old routes.  When you can’t see your way to a more powerful expression of your innate potential you might experience frustration, longing, dissatisfaction, or even anger at yourself or your obstacles. These feelings are valuable beacons, telling you that it is time to find a new path for yourself.  Making the decision to ally yourself with a Vitality Coach helps you navigate your choices and sets you on your way to greater life satisfaction.

 What will happen?

Vitality Coaching begins with establishing rapport between two unique and sovereign individuals: you and me.  This typically begins with conversation and inquiry.  Both of us will reveal ourselves to one another at a deep heart level.  In this exploration we may choose non-verbal modalities to explore areas that are not available to words or concepts.  This might include exercises that look more like stretching, calisthenics, dance, wrestling, emotional release, movement meditations, theater improv, or whatever we agree would be productive.  You are always at choice as to what you undertake and how far you take it.  Our trust develops in stages, and our ability to understand and resonate with one another develops through familiarity.

Each session typically identifies some particular areas for further attention.  This often result in “homework assignments” to notice patterns or to revise them.  Subsequent sessions begin with checking in, reviewing the intervening time since our previous session, engaging in further explorations, and usually end with new homework.

I will follow my informed intuition as to how to structure our sessions together.  Your job is to create your own experience: voice your opinions, express your reservations, push back when you feel resistance, initiate your own suggestions and sculpt your own destiny.  Our relationship is a collaboration, with both of us extending ourselves into it.  The work is about you becoming more fully yourself, and this can only happen to the extent that you step forward and claim your personal power.  Challenge my opinions. Bring me resources that you have discovered helpful for your inquiry. Assert your opinion when you see things differently than I do. Share your insights with me. Take initiative! I am your supporter, advisor, and provocateur helping you to more fully embody your unique evolution.

 “Coach Basin’s serenity calms, his reasoning is clear, his words hold weight.”                       –Geoffrey G.

“Coach Basin is incredibly wise beyond his years. He is blessed with a compassionate nature, a courageous attitude toward adversity, and the gift of intellect which has allows him to find healthy choices along life’s path.  His presence is a gift in my life, and I have seen that he has enhanced the lives of hundreds of other people as well.” –Joanne K.


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