Support groups

Support Groups

Support groups are now forming around several topics.

The groups will be ongoing meetings in Berkeley (or other San Francisco Bay Area locations) at a time and frequency to be determined by the group members themselves. Support groups start up when there is a critical mass of interest expressed in a particular topic.

Register your interest in joining a group by noting in the comment field below. You can also use that field to suggest your own topic of interest.

You can also discuss your particular interests with Coach Basin in person. If you would prefer to set up a confidential conversation, you can CLICK HERE.

Lean and Fit:

This group is open to people interested in increasing managing their weight and improving their physique, tone and endurance.

Right Livelihood:

This is a networking and support group for people who are taking action to have their occupation be more aligned with their passion and life purpose.

Healthy, Secure Relationship:

This group finds greater romantic satisfaction in life by means of finding love within. You will find support not only for your attachments with others, but also for your relationship with yourself. “Be the change that you want to see in the world!”

“I have never in all my life known such an earth angel, warrior prince as you [Coach Basin].  Thank you for creating a safe and sacred sanctuary to release, renew, and explore the mystery of this life.  You have been generous with your time and love and been of great service to all of us.”  –Diana W.


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