Drink Up!

Your body is two thirds water, which it needs to carry out countless metabolic processes. Reducing your hydration level by even 1.5% results in measurable disturbances to basic life functions: mental fog, lowered endurance, mood changes such as impatience and … Continue reading

Drink to Your Health

You are most likely chronically under-hydrated.  While the body is designed to maintain hydration levels within a very narrow range, most people do not flush enough fresh water through themselves to allow their systems to run at optimal levels. Imagine … Continue reading

Sleep Deficit Leads to Overeating

Canadian researcher Jean-Philippe Chaput concluded a five year study demonstrating that insufficient sleep predicted the likelihood obesity and overweight more closely than either the amount of exercise or caloric intake. This surprising result flies in the face of standard advice … Continue reading

Dance Walking

Working out is tedious. Most people can only survive the boredom of a gym workout because they plug into the television set above the treadmill as they grind out the identical miles of steps, or distract themselves counting sets and reps on the weights.

However, when you are able to create an form of exercise that you enjoy more than being sedentary, it is easy and natural for you to choose activity over lethargy. Just as gravity pulls relentlessly, we are wired to choose things that we more enjoy over things we don’t.

This is one man’s solution. He combined three of his favorite activities–seeing the city, walking, and dancing–into a new modality he calls Dance Walking. See how much fun you can have taking care of your physical well-being:

Feed Your Nerves

Multiple Schlerosis is deadly and incurable.  Yet this doctor rolled back her symptoms by changing what she ate.  Diet as a way to improve mental health and neuronal functioning? Yes!  What you eat affects every system in your body.

Watch this inspiring TED talk video:

Changing Your Life–It’s Possible!

Every one of us is working with challenges and limitations.  Here is an inspiring story about a disabled and overweight veteran who gets a coach and finds personal motivation and physical tools to change his life.  If he can do it, so can you!  Grab a tissue, this one has made me cry every time I’ve watched it…